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I hate doing course registrations...

I hate doing course registrations online. Somehow problems seem to crop up. I nearly freaked out when I couldn’t register a few courses for the previous trimester due to some error made by the examinations department. Then there were the occasional ‘threats’ from the officers regarding the course registration – if you don’t register for this course under that group, you may find yourself in trouble later – particularly during examination week.

I wonder if have we humans become too dependent on modern technology.

I can’t remember the last time I actually took a pen and scribble some words on a paper, put it into an envelope, get some glue and use it to stick the stamp and seal the envelope, then take a brief stroll to one particularly big red box (no, it’s not the dustbin) to have the letter reach its destination.

On the other hand, I can remember perfectly clear when was the last time I clicked on the “send” button to have an electronic mail sent. It was like, twenty minutes ago.

This morning, I wandered into the kitchen and saw some coffee.. proceeded to heat it up using the microwave oven. Then I realised that our microwave oven wasn’t working since two days back. I looked at the coffee blankly, and decided to just drink some cold coffee – and no, it didn’t taste like anything from Starbucks. :/

Speaking of which.. do you guys love hanging around with friends at those posh sidewalk cafes (no, not mamaks) – namely Starbucks, Gloria Jean’s, Coffee Bean.., and sipping drinks, which can actually buy you two satisfying plates of nasi lemak, or three loaves of bread? Not quite sure if this only applies to us in Malaysia though. These places are usually frequented by people who actually have the time to kill.. mainly nicely dressed ladies taking a break from walking their legs off from shopping trips, hip and rich teenagers spending their time catching up with the latest gossips. I think I’ve only stopped by at these cafes five or six times.

Mm, I love chocolates.. especially the not locally made ones (read: I only like chocolates that have actually been packed into boxes, stuffed into planes, before they reach here). Malaysian made chocolates are nothing like the ones from Australia or Europe.

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