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Guess what? Today's...

Guess what? Today’s World Book Day. Somehow April 23 was picked in honour of William Shakespeare, who was born in the year 1564 today. However, a quick check on various Shakespeare websites shows that he was “allegedly” born on that day.. some even stated he was born 3 days later, April 26 of the same year – that’s the day he was also baptised. Odd. They simply put down today as a ‘special’ day eventhough there’s still some unanswered questions on his date of birth.

Not that it matters much anyway.

So by having this World Book Day, is everyone supposed to be holding a book today only? It’s just the same as saying today’s Earth Day: take great care of the world today, pollution’s high, blahblahblah. But why do I still see rubbish on the streets, kids tossing empty food packets out of the bus windows, smelly and black smoke from open burning? People tend to avoid doing anything bad to the environment on Earth Day itself; then revert to their old selves the next day, polluting the earth.

Having these particularly ‘special’ days only serves to create awareness, to remind us, to give us a knock on the head.

I wonder if Pi Day (March 14: 3-14) will help a lot. Pi as in the magic numbers of 3.14159…, and are we supposed to remember the irrational number on that particular day? Nope.

How do I celebrate World Book Day? Aside from complaining of the other irrevelant days (like I did above), I continued reading The Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore which I started last week. The dark elf, or drow, is called Drizzt Do’Urden, and he’s possibly the most noble and righteous character in the fantasy world I’ve ever met – uh, read. These few days, I’ve already begun looking at my cat as Guenhwyvar – Drizzt’s magical feline companion – a black panther. Fantasy, indeed, provides us an exhilirating ride to imaginary realms, an escapade from the real world, to the lands where beautiful elves tread lightly on lush green grass, multiple-coloured scales of dragons breathing heavily in caves full of treasure, shamans read and invent nifty spells to be used against enemies.

Unfortunately, fantasy is what it is – fantasy. There’s no way of it coming true, I guess. sigh

Any other books to recommend in conjunction with World Book Day, anyone? ;)

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