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Since the main page is the most frequented, I’ve only uploaded the main images to my previous host at Portland and link them up from there – that’s why you can see the images here. I’ve absolutely no idea why the images wouldn’t show up.. they’re all online (I can see them through direct links) but they simply wouldn’t appear on any page. (sometimes they’d be visible – but most of the time they’d not!) Grrrr. pulls hair out of frustration I believe my hostess, Crystal is experiencing the same problem.. I dropped by her website today and her images didn’t come up either. There must be, once again, a technical explanation to all this.. and if you’re wondering, no, I’m no techie, so.. sniff

On another note, I find myself thinking about school – reminiscing those bittersweet memories. I’ve not thought about both my primary and high schools for a very, very long time – yes, I can be so shameless, so pathetic – because I’ve never liked school at all. University life is appearing to be more appealing, but I don’t think I can say for sure yet, since I’ve only been there for a year. My school memories are coming back because I’ve been exchanging emails lately with a particular guy (with a humouristic blog too!), who amazingly went to the same primary school as I did, albeit him being a few years younger than me. He is now attending the high school I had tried to avoid because almost everyone, upon finishing primary school, decided to go to that particular high school because of its distance and convenience.

Also, I didn’t feel like going to that particular high school because I was sorely lacking in the social department – I’ve no really good friends I can count on, those who can stick with you through thick and thin, ones that you can pour your problems and feelings to. I know, I am lamenting yet again on friendship issues (I’ve written about this a few moons ago). Due to my UPSR (primary school public examinations) results, I managed to secure a place in one of the best schools (or so they say) in the state – and I needed no second thoughts to enrol myself there.

But hey.. high school turned out to be quite hellish – all those unnecessary hours spent staying back for compulsory extra activities that I had absolutely no interest in, teachers that watching over us like hawks while trying to find fault out of students, and long minutes (heh) spent standing through the assembly, waiting for the headmistress to finish her long speeches.

Still, I can’t remember lots of details back in primary school – most of it has been deleted, erased from my mind.

Perhaps there is some truth in one of Savage Garden’s unreleased songs.. memories are designed to fade.

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