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Pick up today's newspaper...

Pick up today’s newspaper, flip through the pages of a glossy magazine. Eventually you’ll come to a page decorated with words and small images depicting a pair of twins, weighting scales, a crab, a bull, and a few other animals.

Horoscopes. And everyday, without fail, I find myself absorbing the readings of my particular zodiac. Sometimes I wonder why do I bother – it’s not like I believe in them, but curiosity always got the better of me, and I decided to read it for myself, what the day will bring to me. I usually take them as a precaution, and try to pass through the day with much care. In other words, I rely on the readings to get myself out of trouble (if any) – they’re a matter of ‘just-in-case’s. Today’s readings weren’t quite favourable – so I didn’t go to the night market today. Now I sound as if I do believe in horoscopes.. grumbles

Astrology and divination – what fascinating subjects! There’s also the various ways of predicting the future – observing cats, eggs, or even the eating patterns of sacred chickens (?!!). I’m not quite sure if all these works. How can we see anything in reference to our life out of the skull of a dead goat (cephalomancy)? Would you study animal livers (hepatoscopy) to take a peek of your future? All in all, it’s rather interesting.. I wonder if I would take up the subject if it’s offered as one of the courses in university.

I must have read too much of Harry Potter. I have only three out of the four books released so far – and I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – which I think stands out from the others – in terms of its thickness (heh) and excitement.

The Oracle: Here, have a cookie.

I wonder – was that a fortune cookie the Oracle gave to Neo?

e d i t : – Another talent gone. Makes me think of Aaliyah. :/

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