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Superman flies like a lone plane...

Superman flies like a lone plane; Spider-man swings from building to building with ease; Cyclops’ vision differs from most people.

Hm.. if I am bestowed with superpowers (as if that’d happen!), I don’t really know what kind of powers I’d like to have. There’s so many to choose from – perhaps I’d like to have a go at the ability to communicate with animals, or telepathy; perhaps even the power to heal. I wonder if anyone in this world actually owns powers such as that – although I doubt it. Stuff like that rarely exist in this cruel, hard world. Thank goodness there’s always one thing I can hold on to: what else – but the beauty and thrills of fantasy?

It may be non-existent, but still.. it offers hope. But as Raistlin, the sickly mage of Dragonlance fame said, “Hope is the denial of reality”. sigh

Anyway. Curious to find out what superpowers you might own?

From the test, it seems that my inner superpower is.. time travel. I could easily laugh off that. That’s next to impossible – because I’ve always been a victim of bad timing. Unless, of course, it’s payback time, and I can actually take advantage of time and screw it, to show that I‘m the boss. smirks If I am to travel to the future, I might be able to establish a reputation for being a fortune teller – what else can I do with the additional knowledge I will receive from sneaking around in a world of many years later? Furthermore, I can travel to the past, and learn more about (boring?) history: thus becoming one of the most important historians in my lifetime. But then again, I don’t really see the point of travelling to and fro – I doubt I can manage to contribute much to mankind.

Oh gawd. Look at how time flies. The holidays are going to end. I’ll soon be going through the boring routine of attending classes and dreading assignments.

Time, time. Time to go, for now.

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