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The 17th World Orchid Convention 2002...

The 17th World Orchid Convention 2002. I was dragged to attend the orchid exhibition at the MINES today – my parents claimed that I haven’t step out from the house since the holidays started (partly true, but heck, what can I do – I’m the homely type). I’ve never really an interest for flowers, although I agree that they are one of God’s priceless and colourful creations to beautify and liven up this world. Heck, we girls almost always get flowers as gifts for any occasion. It seems to be considered as general knowledge that all girls would like flowers.

Unfortunately, if someone is to give me a bouquet of flowers as a present (thankfully, no one has ever done that yet!), I might just chuck it elsewhere or give it to someone else. I don’t have an affinity for flowers.. sad, sad.

It was a rather big-scaled convention though.. a lot of orchids, of all colours and sizes. However, of the millions of orchids I saw today, I have developed a preference for one: the Ever Spring Prince. It has a dark purple colour – so dark it could be considered as black. How odd.. I like black flowers. :/ Should I turn gothic? But oops.. I don’t use make up – no black lipstick, mascara and eyeshadow. shrugs Anyhow, that particular orchid species was on sale in a few stalls that were set up near the display centre – close to a hundred bucks per pot. gasps I could get myself at least 3 CDs with that same amount of money.

There were loads of people present at the convention – and almost no one left empty handed, leaving with a few pots/bags/boxes of the flowers – er, my mother got herself three small pots of orchids. The crowd was ‘ooh’ing and ‘aah’ing over the flowers, stopping every few seconds to observe and take pictures. There were no proper platforms used – the walkways were constructed out of branches and wood – primitive walkways, they called it. All in all, it was a job well done, trying to make the visitors feel as if they are actually taking a stroll in the woods and looking at the flowers (minus the mosquitos, leeches, and whatnots).

After spending (a rather painful) two hours walking around and looking at the orchids, my mother and I stopped by at the nearby shopping centre. While we were sipping over a glass of iced coffee, a couple of newly weds walked past us, still in their formal clothes (the bride was still wearing the gown) – everyone was looking at them. Of course, they stood out from the crowd. Eventually, a foreign tourist cornered them and snapped a picture of them. It makes me wonder what were they doing – modelling themselves?

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