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Mighty lights.

Mighty lights.

It whizzed up to the air, ending with a full somersault of sorts, flickering harmlessly. It was quite a distance away, and I was not amused, having awakened after barely an hour’s worth of sleep. Various patterns lit up the sky, raining down halfway before disappearing completely.

I went back to bed, wondering when it will all end – when those sounds almost made my heart jumped out of my ribcage. It was very loud this time, and my room was decorated with lights. This one’s really close, I thought. I covered my whole self from head to toe with my blanket, trying to drown out the sounds and the light. At this point, I realized that earphones would not work, either. Feeling defeated, I dragged myself out of bed again and headed to my parents’ bedroom – but they were already up, standing close together, and looking out of their window.

And damn, the view up close was… beautiful. We were so close, I had this mental image of a lone trail of light straying to our house – to which I had to quickly drive those unwanted thoughts away (yes, I watch too much TV). The sky was again lit up with patterns of all colours, as sparks of fire whizzed up into the air again and again, leaving trails of smoke. It was like seeing a meteor shower against the backdrop of the northern lights right in front of your house. I would have reached for my camera, but I just could not do it.

I was simply mesmerized.

And it was odd, because fireworks are dangerous. Our eyes danced with the colourful lights as our hearts thumping alarmingly to those sudden thunderous sounds; yet we welcomed the sight. The final one always proves to be an interesting display of colours, patterns, and deafening beats. We basked in the lights for a while, and we were not disappointed.

I think it all happened for about ten minutes or so, but it seemed like we had been standing there for hours, leaving everything behind, including time. When it ended, the cars that have pulled to the roadside began their journey again. I doubt anyone would have dared to venture near that big, lively box of fireworks, which had been placed strategically right in the middle of the road.

The only thing I could not stand was the noise. How would silent fireworks be like, I wondered.

Funny how all things dangerous, are also beautiful (or should it be the other way round?). Venomous spiders and slithery snakes. Shiny pistols that fit into your palm. Ladies in black (or red) leather. Knee high boots with equally high heels. Mmmmm.

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