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Whoops.. looks like Rantglass was down...

Whoops.. looks like Rantglass was down for at least half of today. I was just going to log off when I decided to give it a check one more time.. and to my surprise, it’s online again. I suppose it’s the hosting company doing maintenance on its servers (caution I have a feeling it might be down again for the next few days). I spent my evening playing trivia online on IRC – really needs some catching up in terms of points – I’m dropping out of the top ten. grin I have been neglecting the channel and the game, sad to say.. I remember when I started getting online back in 1997, I played a lot.. and it’s pretty fun to compete not only in terms of intelligence and quick thinking, but I’m proud to say that my typing skills have been enhanced – that is, to type out the answers really quick. Unfortunately, the database of over 30,000 questions does repeat every now and then.. so if you’ve got a good memory, then you’re lucky enough to get a few points. Now that I look in the channel and scan through its players, I realise that I’m the oldest regular around at the moment.

Gawd, seems like yesterday when I was gaping at the questions and typing really crazy answers – my fingers going through one by one, pressing on the keyboard.

It’s been raining for almost the whole of today – and ironically, our taps are left dry. No water supply to the house today, and I suppose it won’t be back tomorrow either – I think there’s something wrong with the motors operating the water system. G-r-e-a-t. Home and dry (by the way, kind of like the song, hee – I wonder if the Pet Shop Boys are here to stay yet again..).

Nearly time for Friends. Really enjoyed last week’s episode, with Brad Pitt, heh.. it was rather hilarious, and goodness.. he looked so fine. Mm. Jennifer Aniston should be one happy lady. Unless, of course, you prefer Gwyneth Paltrow over her. ;)

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