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Stumbled upon...

Stumbled upon this today.

I mean, I totally understand their view about the title.. but heck, Tolkien has already written that wonderful trilogy so many moons ago; and now they are asking for a name change.

Names may change, but reality remains that the incident, indeed, did happen. The Two Towers has absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks – there could be so many towers in this world, but it seems to be generally known that the two towers is, well, the particular ones that aren’t standing anymore.

looks at Malaysia’s Petronas Twin Towers

As an addition to my previous post dated April 25th 2002: If you are interested to know more about why I (still) hate school, this could be it. ;) Total balderdash.

From today onwards, I’m going to restrain myself from writing long posts.. I seem to end up writing essays – it’s reminding me of school again – but at least I’m writing topics based on what I feel like writing at that particular moment, and not boring issues being instructed to be tackled back then, such as pollution, youngsters’ moral values (Moral studies, anyone? Pfft..), health and society, blahblahblah. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder why I write so much – writing is not quite a burning passion in me (when I was younger, I wanted to be an author – but that was because I read too much of Nancy Drew and wrote too many silly kiddy stories), but I do enjoy writing.

I wish I have the time, ideas and inspiration I need to finish up my stories. Darn writer’s block. Perhaps that’d only happen if we are to be deprieved of technology one day, the day I won’t be spending so much time playing Icewind Dale (in preparation for Icewind Dale 2, which is going to be released next month, heh), working vigorously in Photoshop, playing trivia or reading through four different messageboards in a day, like what I’ve been doing for the holidays now.

Oh my.. it as been yet another long post. smacks self

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