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Ooh.. the Spider-Man movie was released...

Ooh.. the Spider-Man movie was released here today.. if the weather is fine tomorrow, I might just find myself popping a sweet into my mouth, waiting impatiently for the movie to start while sitting through the many advertisments but interesting trailers, trying to make myself comfortable sitting on one of those chairs in the cinemas. Hopefully, I’ll get a seat at the left corner of the centre row.. never liked sitting in between strangers. I remember when I went to watch Spy Game, I sat at the middle of the centre row, being sandwiched by two guys. Actually, there seemed to be less than five girls watching the movie at that time – it was a weekday, and the room was only about a quarter full. Of course, men are inclined to watch movies with loads of thrilling action and excitement (besides staring at babelicious chicks on the screen, that is). Sometimes I wonder why do I like action movies.. does it have anything to do with me being a bit tomboy-ish? I’ve always been told to walk and sit like a lady.. and I don’t like wearing skirts. Ah well.. gah.

Another lame reason for the sitting arrangement is because I like to go to the movies alone – see, I’m anti-social – so.. tough luck eh..

Hopefully I’ll also get to stop by the pathetic music store and see if the CDs I wanted are available.

Am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be bright and sunny tomorrow, so I can walk over to the cinema – it’s not very far – I’d gather, about ten minutes away. Been raining much these days, and I really want to catch the movie. Since the holidays are drawing to an end, I may not have time to watch it later. sniff

And darn it, my hair is not short enough.. I need to get someone to trim it a little – but not a second visit to the hairstylist though (was there two weeks ago). I’ll pester my mother into helping me snip off a bit.

On air now: Star Guitar, The Chemical Brothers (Come With Us)

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