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The weather was really nice today..

The weather was really nice today.. although it’s a bit too sunny for my liking. A total refreshing change from the rainy days which pretty much dominated the whole of last week, resulting in bad traffic jams and flash floods all over the city.

Thus.. I did went to watch Spider-Man as stated in yesterday’s post. The only change was, well, I didn’t end up going alone. Heh.. I went with my father. We had a quick lunch, then walked with such speed to the cinema because we were already late. Typical of most cinemas, the first ten minutes were spent showing various up and coming trailers and countless beverage advertisments. I wonder if did I miss the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ trailer. It was the first time I missed all those (I’m usually the first few in). We were just in time to see the beginning of the movie, with all those quick credits swishing here and there.

I wanted to talk more about the movie here, but I’m afraid I might give out some spoilers, so I guess it’s better for me to shut up. zip However, I think it’s a rather good movie.. I’d give it about.. 7 out of 10. Indeed, kudos to Tobey Maguire for being the wall crawler himself. He was good in the movie.. but perhaps he could have been a little bit better. There was a brief discussion on the papers today – who else could be up for the role of Spider-Man? Among the choices, Leonardo Dicaprio (oh, puh-leeeeease!) and Freddie Prinze Jr., but I think Tobey would outdo them, hee.

One thing I didn’t quite like was the fact it sort of uh, turned into a love story of some sort.. and Spider-Man was just too flexible, too elastic, too uh, bouncy. Tried to catch the scene where Stan Lee was in, but I only managed to catch a glimpse of that little girl she was trying to save, heh. But the excitement and action thrilled me to no end.. and I’m actually beginning to look at Tobey Maguire in a different light – like how I uh, swooned over Keanu Reeves after his role in the fabulous The Matrix and eyed Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring’s Viggo Mortensen. Yikes. ;)

Great job, Sam Raimi.

Anyhow, I did stopped by the music store.. and totally not unexpected, I didn’t see Incubus’s Morning View. Geez.. ended up buying one of the CDs in my list (and much to my chagrin, added yet another CD to the list!) points right that I manage to locate in the store and the book to existenZ, since I haven’t watch the movie.. was it shown here in Malaysia? However, have never quite believed in book adaptations.. we’ll see.

On air now: Indefinitely, Travis (The Invisible Band)

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