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My parents had been bugging me...

My parents had been bugging me for the past few days, trying to make sure if am I indeed suppose to be back to uni on Sunday.. and I kept saying yes to them. In my heart, I was laughing at their insecurities. I decided to double check.. and to my horror, I found out that I had misread the instructions: therefore, I am supposed to be back in uni and register for the hostel tomorrow.

And when I told them, typical of all parents, they said “Told you so!”. sigh It looks like they’ve got the last laugh.. and I began packing my stuff frantically. However, I won’t be staying at the hostel for the weekend.. because I have to be at the National Science Centre on Sunday to check out the Spider-Man convention.

Am not sure if I’ll be bringing along the computer.. but if I’m not, then you can expect Rantglass to be not updated for the whole of next week until I get back home for the next weekend.

Anyhow.. am beginning to like watching The Amazing Race – eventhough I only started tuning in three weeks ago. My favourite team has got to be “cha-cha-cha” Danny and Oswald.. I think they’re funny, and so down-to-earth and they actually stand out, since they don’t come across as er, whiny. Second comes Blake and Paige.. it’s just lovely to see such an endearing relationship between brother and sister. I enjoyed the bickerings of a team made up of a separated couple.. one wonders how can they really get along.. it’s no surprise to see that they’ve got the lowest popularity among all teams. ;)

Also, Dark Angel was shown on local television for the first time yesterday.. I read the synopsis on the papers and it sounded a little like my favourite television series, The Pretender. Haven’t been watching the latter much because they’re showing reruns for now.. and I didn’t find Dark Angel appealing either.

Why am I bothering about television when I’ll be back to uni in less than twelve hours’ time, where I will again, be television-deprived (am going to miss Friends!). Bah.

On air now: Sing, Travis (The Invisible Band)

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