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I felt like a construction worker...

I felt like a construction worker today.

It was time to move into the hostel.. except that it wasn’t really that. I was assigned to one of the apartment units along with my former roommates (out of sheer luck, or pure coincidence?)- and I thought, joy! Unfortunately, my happiness was short lived. It turns out that the main door to the unit was without a proper lock – thus, we couldn’t lock the door. We were only given keys to our rooms within the apartment unit. I was really disappointed because my unit is located on the highest floor – fourth floor.

Thus, began the process of shifting in. I must have gone up to my room for about five times today – and no, there’s no elevator. The bags were okay.. the only problem was my computer. The monitor is really heavy, and my CPU has such a big casing, it is such a pain to lug it up. I practically had to stop on every floor to catch my breath. Everytime I reached my room, I was gasping, panting, and sweating like there’s no tomorrow. That’s not all.. then I had to clean up my room – wipe the cupboards, sweep and mop the floor, and clean up the mattress using the feather duster.

You’d be asking, of course.. “Didn’t your friends help you bring up your stuff?” My parents asked me to request help from them, but I did not. I’ve always follow one such principle of mine: don’t bother asking others for help if you can do the work yourself. And today, I actually thought that this ‘stupid’ principle of mine might kill me. I didn’t allow my parents to hike all the way up to the fourth floor (but they did anyway, grr). I didn’t want them to do all the work I‘m supposed to do. I felt so bad. sigh

I also had to drop by Carrefour to get a table for myself, since it wasn’t provided. Another round of heavy work.

I felt as if my legs and arms have been stretched to its limits – and I won’t be surprised if it’s actually longer than it was yesterday.

Prospects currently look bleak at the thought of staying in the apartment unit which cannot be secured and locked. We’re going to find a way to get that fixed.

And all along, I thought getting out of the cramped room of the hostel would be good.

A little notice: I doubt I will be online from uni. Need to get a really long network cable – the jack’s in the living room and the computer’s in my room. Since the main door isn’t locked, I am not going to put the computer in the living room, yeeks. So yeah, you can expect no updates from Rantglass for next week until I return home for the weekend. Perhaps, I need a break too. I can never stop writing long posts, eventhough I said that I would a few days ago. Argh!

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