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I'm back at home now, whee! :)

I’m back at home now, whee! :) Somehow it felt odd, not getting to go online using my own computer for a full four days while in uni. I managed to utilise the lab computers (including a black, ultra cool SGI – Silicon Graphics Workstation) yesterday, checking out the comments on this website and browsing through the discussion boards I actively post in. I believe it’s some sort of a little break from blogging, but all the same, I have to say that I did, indeed, miss doing that. Two buddies of mine, Sze and Syahnaz had been regularly asking me why weren’t there any updates on my website.

Two of my former roommates are assigned to the same unit too, and of course, we were quite joyful to be together again. We are quite familiar with our two other housemates (there’s five to an apartment unit), but we are not too close with them. As expected, there were quite some problems regarding our rooms in the apartment unit, but I shall not elaborate here. All I can say is that, well, I felt as if I was a scheming, manipulating bitch just like in the Survivor series, and my former roommates and I have sort of uh, forged an alliance. Basically, there was no time to play nice – it’s every man for himself (in this case, every woman for herself) and we made a few plans and all so that we will live, hopefully, happily for at least a year in this apartment unit.

I didn’t get to use my computer because I didn’t have an extension cord to be shared with my roommate. In fact, I’m a bit doubtful as to whether an extension cord with four outlets, when connected to the wall plug (there is only one electricity outlet in the room), will be able to support two working computers. I thought it’d be risky and wondered if it would result in overloads, but after hearing from a few friends, I have decided to give it a try – so I bought an extension cord today and I’m crossing my fingers that both my roommate and I will be able use our computers simultaneously in the days to come using that. My headset (or the sound card, couldn’t decide which) seems to go bonkers whenever I use the computer. I was feeling quite bored two days ago and my roommate lent me her Age of Empires CD. I played the game for a few minutes (and was rather surprised to find that I still remember the keyboard shortcuts, although I haven’t been playing for almost two years) when the sound system went terribly wrong and I was forced to shut down the computer. sigh I hope you guys can really assure me that there won’t be any short circuits or overloads. Who’s an electrician here? Argh..

Anyhow, one of my housemate’s father had taken the initiative to have the broken lock fixed. Actually, it wasn’t his responsibility to do it – the hostel officers are the ones who are supposed to add in the door knob in later – but her father was quite adamant and went off to get a new door knob without listening to our explanations. I hope there won’t be any other problems popping up because of this.

My housemates are already planning to get stoves, pots, rice cookers, sofas (!!). The alliance (my former roommates and I) is not really that keen on these ideas, and having to pay for those things. We thought we will not be using it much – we prefer to buy our own food, and sit on our beds than lazing around on a sofa. My father had advised me to pay anyway, for the sake of maintaining a healthy relationship with my housemates. Call me stingy or whatever, but I don’t really feel good to have my parents forking out money for me again. I wish I have the determination (as you can tell, I don’t) to work, to earn and pay from my own salary, rather than depending on my parents.

I can only hope I’ll enjoy life living in the apartment with my housemates.

Oh gawd, this has been a rather long post. Thank you for bearing with my rants up to this end…..

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