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Ooh.. a late night...

Ooh.. a late night (or early morning) blog. Just returned from a three-hour-long meeting, and I’m totally clueless as to what I should say today. Probably nothing interesting. Am feeling kind of dubious of my newly assigned position in the yearbook division of the university’s Student Publication Board. I believe it’s the job that everyone dreaded most (yes, including myself) and oh gawd, the other members must be heaving a sigh of relief that I actually got the most work. sniff Therefore, I’m thinking of declining the position and stepping down. I’m not sure if I am really qualified, really up for it. Then again, does that make me a coward?

Basically, I think the job would sort of uh, force me to be someone I’m not. It’s quite a heavy responsibility (but not as bad as an editor-in-chief phew) – and since the yearbook is going on a totally different style this time around, I have absolutely no experience and idea as to how should I tackle the university’s events through this new and unexplored point of view. I pondered again.. I only need to direct people (read: the peasants, heh) around to get the much sought information for the yearbook and hand them over to me. But would the job be that easy? Will people voluntarily do the stuff they have been assigned to with much willingness.. or will they resort to dilly-dallying and lazing around, then proceed to do everything at the last minute?

I have a sudden vision of the latter.

Me: asks with sugar-coated voice So.. have you got around writing your report?
Peasant: Nope.. am I supposed to hand them up today? blank look plastered on face
Me: tries to keep a straight face Uh.. it was actually due last Friday.
Peasant: Oh.. hm.. I’ll hand it up to you next week then. shrugs
Me: blinks, waves hands in the air out of frustration Yeah, whatever.. as long as your report will be handed over to me.. anyday will be fine.. la dee da.

Oh man.

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