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Ack.. it's been pretty hot these...

Ack.. it’s been pretty hot these days. I believe the rainy season has passed.. and the sun’s scorching and grilling us down. It’s hard to have a good night’s sleep when all you’ve got is a ceiling fan – when everyone else is seeking comfort in rooms powered by their trusty air conditioners. Sadly, I don’t have any air conditioners in my house.. and it would be sillier to say that there’s one installed in the uni’s apartment unit where I’m currently living in, right?

While lazing around in my room on the fifth floor, I heard some rather odd noises from the grounds below. I sneaked a peek and found a toy car in motion, going bumpily on the pavements, reversing with its lights blinking, and stopping every now and then, raising squeals of delight from a few kids nearby. A second car joined in not long after, and it’s quite amusing to find that the cars are actually controlled by two adults, who were sitting on the ground. Couldn’t catch the looks on the faces, but for all I know, they could be grinning like some three-year-old, coming up with devilish plans to use the toy cars to knock into passersby or something. In fact, there were a pair of twins I assumed to be the children of one of the adults, and somehow, they didn’t really show any interest towards the toy cars. All they did was walking to and fro, waving a piece of green paper, occasionally pausing to look at the toy cars; then, they’re once again back in the innocent world of a child’s fantasy.

Oh well.. those nostalgic moments. I didn’t have a toy car with a remote control. However, my brother used to have a boxful of miniature vehicles – cars, trucks, cranes.. and there was also the uh, speedway, complete with racing cars. Heck, there were even more of those cars with springs in their wheels – those you have to pull backwards, and release it – in order to get a straight motion. The whole box was thrown away a few years ago because it had taken up too much space in the house. Perhaps the garbage collectors have salvaged it and passed it along to their children.

But hey.. there’s so many other things that appeals to younger children these days. Back then it was almost always dolls, cars, and comics. Now they have Tamagotchis, Digimons, Aibos, anime and the Internet. Heck, I even wanted to own those mini learning computers with various games and quizes I saw in Toys R Us. Speaking of the toy shop, I’ve not been there for quite some time.. the last visit was about two years ago – and I was there to see if I’ll have any luck in locating The Matrix action figures (which can only be bought from comic shops, actually :/). A quick request to the salespeople didn’t help either.. I’m sure they’ve not even heard of the movie before. Gah.

Gee.. doesn’t time change almost everything.

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