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I had dinner with my roommate...

I had dinner with my roommate, and I sat facing the night view of Putrajaya. Orange dots from the streetlights lighting up the bridge, the bright, shiny lights from the buildings of the young city. I was reminded by a place near my house called ‘Little Genting’ – where you can basically see the buildings in Kuala Lumpur lighted up with various lights – be it blinking or static ones. The KL Tower and Petronas Twin Towers stood out mainly because they are skyscrapers among the much shorter buildings in the city. I guess I’ve been to that ‘Little Genting’ only once.. it’s not an official name, I believe – just a phrase coined out by some sightseers after the much famed getaway for Malaysians and Singaporeans alike – Genting Highlands.

Speaking of which, I’ve not much interest in spending my holidays up in Genting anymore – either it’s because there’s nothing that attracts me there, or it’s because I’ve lost a little of the kid in me. I used to play those arcade games with my brother – and I particularly liked one on bowling – and those pinballs. Back then, I don’t think there’s a ticketing system where you can exchange for uh, useless but adorable prizes that come in the form of soft toys. Heck, we only used money to be inserted for games – not silver tokens. Our family isn’t the type whereby we’d go for every ride in sight – in fact, I don’t like the excitement and thrills of roller-coasters (I’ve only been on it less than thrice :D) and bumper car rides. These days, we spend a night or two in Genting just to catch concerts and performances by various stars. How I miss watching those magic shows they once had in Genting, all the while ogling to the created illusions while having dinner – I was about eight, that time (by the way, you may collect back the eyeballs that have just popped out of the sockets after learning that I don’t fancy going on rides or rollercoasters, and the fact that I’ve not tried bowling).

And now, back in the apartment unit.. the view from the two windows in my room offers nothing appealing.. all I see is the guy’s hostel block and the other apartment units. Across the room from mine, is another apartment unit’s window stuck with various posters of female stars like Mariah Carey and Claudia Schiffer (I think). The other window, however, gives a limited view of the dark lands beyond, occasionally a car’s spotlights looming in the distance. The tennis courts are lit up although there are no players – I believe most of the students are now back in their rooms, trying to cram whatever knowledge that has been passed on to them today by their lecturers – unlike me, idling around, playing trivia and surfing beautiful design websites while actually attempting to listen to music through the headset I bought last week for 7 bucks in Low Yat Plaza.

returns to fanning herself furiously

On air now: Driftwood, Travis (from own computer) + Foolish, Ashanti (drifting up from the apartment unit below)

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