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Stares, then rolls eyes in disbelief...

stares, then rolls eyes in disbelief at the rate The Matrix: Reloaded teaser trailer 1 is downloaded into her computer

Oh gawd..! I watched a little of the beginning of the teaser when I pressed the ‘play’ button eventhough it hasn’t finished downloading anyway – and I still can’t believe that there’s still almost one whole year to go before the movie finally hits the screens. Thank goodness there’s the Internet, for we don’t have such ‘informative’ programmes like Entertainment Tonight (ET) over here in Malaysia. The teaser debuted on ET last night in the States, and caused quite an inevitable air of impatience among us Matrixholics.

I think I watched The Matrix on the second weekend since its date of release here. Went to the cinemas near my house with my brother and his girl. I had watched the trailer a few times and was quite impressed, but it was nothing compared to the “enlightenment” I received when I stepped out of the movies two and a half hours later. It was indeed, a movie that made me think twice about suspicious strangers next to me, about hidden conspiracies and secretive underground resistance and how I wanted to join them, about how the unplugged ones can enhance themselves just by downloading stuff into their minds, about how cool everyone looked in slick black weather, brandishing daggers and pulling back the triggers of their guns – in fact, it actually changed my outlook on life. People who know me well associate me with the movie, and I used to explain a little of the intelligent symbolism injected into the movie by the Wachowski brothers and throw those Zen-like quotes to my friends.

Of course, it’s really fun to say “There is no spoon” when we bought lunch and found out that there weren’t any more spoon nor forks left. Will someone take the initiative to invent a spork..

It must be so insensitive of me to ramble on about The Matrix sequels whereby everyone scrambles to claim the title of being the first to watch Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The reviews I’ve read so far are in favour of the Force. Go watch the movie shall not I.. ducks Of course, poor impersonation of Yoda.

As I attempt to write today’s post, all the while multi tasking – playing trivia and giving some blogging tips to my buddy Syahnaz :P on Yahoo!, the teaser finally finished downloading.

I have expected to see most of the scenes in the teaser, being constantly updated on the film-making and production process of the movie. The thrills and excitement I got just by watching a teaser trailer.. what will happen when I watch the real trailer, and eventually the real movie itself? Perhaps I need to bring along a small bottle of minyak angin or hug my Agent Smith transparent-with-flowing-green-codes action figure tightly to cool myself down.

The teaser trailer didn’t quite blew me away (although it nearly did!) because it was too brief – but I don’t believe us fans have been short-changed.. but oh man.. my heart felt as if it wanted to jump right out – I get goosebumps all over – and I can’t help nodding in approval at the words Morpheus mentioned at the start of the teaser.
“I believe it is our fate to be here. It is our.. destiny.”

Because it has been an issue I have been pondering and perhaps, seeking the answers to.. regarding the mystery of fate and destiny. I’ve mentioned it in my website a couple of times (or too much – and I can definitely hear some groans from you guys out there) and hopefully, there will be more explanations, insights and intepretations from the Wachowskis themselves.

The Matrix: Reloaded teaser trailer 1 can be downloaded from its official website. I assure you: you won’t be disappointed.

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