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Are good people, good Samaritans always...

Are good people, good Samaritans always rewarded?

I once asked a Malay friend – why, it seems to me, that good people seem to die sooner than others? She replied that her God loves them more – thus, He took them under His wings, so that they could join Him. I’m not sure if that’s true and I cannot truly oppose that because it deals with her religion and beliefs.

This issue popped in my mind while I was reading through the papers today – whereby robbers struck clinics which are open 24 hours a day. Doctors and nurses in their small clinics put the friendly word “Open” and work at night, skipping a good night’s sleep and braving through the slow ticking of a clock, for the sake of saving human lives.

Although a few of their accomplices had been caught by the police, the robbers still continue to give clinics terrorising visits, making off with valuables amounting to thousands. Don’t these ruthless people have a heart, faking injury then proceeding to pounce on unsuspecting doctors – the very people who could save them?

I’ve watched enough of Hong Kong cantonese serials whereby the stories drag on and on, attempting to salvage pity out of its viewers when the good guys don’t have a fair amount of luck with them and the bad guys always win. This style is very famous and frequently used in these serials but in the final five episodes or so, the bad guys will definitely lose or die – whichever. But that’s the realm of television. Who can fully guarantee that all goodness will be bestowed to those who truly deserves it?

Sometimes I really wish there would be someone to answer all those questions I have regarding fate, destiny, reality, fantasy. In the real world, all sorts of different and unexpected things happen. We cannot escape it – for it is everywhere.

This also came about because I’m a bit saddened by the fact that my favourite team of Blake and Paige, the most deserving winners of The Amazing Race, didn’t get the first prize of a cool million bucks. I would have gagged further if the ever-bickering and scheming Tara and Will would win.. but thankfully, they didn’t, losing to two lifelong friends comprising of Chris and Alex.

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