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More money spending.. for me.

More money spending.. for me. Again. :/

Perhaps it’s quite a bad idea for me to be studying in a design course. I’ve been told a few times that this field requires a lot of effort.. and the magic word, money. Having bought an SLR camera a few weeks ago, I was told that we might have to invest in a video camera for the third trimester – and that’s like, nearly six months later. Maybe I’ll have to don a serious expression and try to take part in Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Or take a few months off and try to qualify for Survivor V – wherever that may be – Antartica? Or perhaps try to get hold of every contest or competition in sight and try to win a few cool thousand bucks at least – eventhough I don’t usually win anything?

I always lament on how I am always using my parents’ money for the sake of me, my education, my needs. But I never do anything to help relieve them of their burden, except feeling guilty and helpless about the whole issue, and trying to ponder how to make money. Sometimes I wonder if am I stingy and money-minded, since I’m so calculative about stuff like this. I rarely feel like this when I was back in school – and we didn’t really need to pay for stuff amounting to thousands – maybe it was because I studied in a government school. Now that I’m in a private university, it seems that everything requires big bucks, and I have come to a rather dark realisation that it will be truly impossible to repay the money my parents have spent on me.

This came about because I had to get perhaps, a new PC. My computer has a faulty sound card and CD-ROM drive, and I have been bearing with it for the past few months. Then I asked my brother about the requirements for a 3D software (which I will be learning this trimester) and he mentioned that my PC simply isn’t good enough for 3D rendering – in terms of its graphics ability and power. I think my PC is about five years old now.. and it’s powered by a Pentium 2 processor and 96 RAM. I had been thinking of getting a CD burner and maybe a smaller casing for my CPU (yes, it’s bigger than normal and my friends always invent stories – if it’s big, it must be powerful – like, yeah, right..) – but now I’ll have to change so many other things to it…..

I asked my mother’s opinion today on the computer upgrade and she said that I might as well get a whole new PC. Of course, normal people would brighten at the prospect of getting a new PC – unlike me, writing about spending too much of my parents’ money and telling it to the whole world, publishing it on my website.

I am seriously thinking of getting a job. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it since last year. But I’ve done nothing so far. Again, it’s an ‘all think, no action’ kind of situation. I wish I have the initiative and determination to actually go out and do it. But what will happen if I manage to find work, then having to face the horrible truth of my deteriorating grades?

Did I mention that I’ll have to pay RM215 to renew my insurance as well?

How will this world be like, if there isn’t something called money?

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