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I'm no big fan of sports, but...

I’m no big fan of sports, but I shall dwell on the issue today.

Malaysia lost to Indonesia 2-3 in the Thomas Cup finals, which ended today. I watched the final two matches – a doubles and a single match. It was quite obvious who would win the deciding match in the singles, which was between Malaysian Mohammad Roslin Hashim and H. Hendrawan from Indonesia. The latter won in three straight sets to bring glory to his country – and Indonesia has won the championship since 1994. Roslin was just not in his top form, albeit the exciting and fast shuttlecock exchanges. So close, yet so far.. but it’s been a great achievement to our Malaysian players to actually reach the finals. Badminton is a really popular sport here, and I remember I used to play the game with my brother in the garden. Well, I was about ten that time, I think.. and I have absolutely no idea about the scoring and pointing system to it. It was just a matter of retrieving and hitting the shuttlecock, playing until it was nearly dark – then to trudge back into the house and sit right under the fan to cool ourselves, watching the various game shows that come on at 7.30pm – from Wheel of Fortune to One Million Dollar Chance of a Lifetime.

There are no more game shows of that sort on the television now.. how the times have changed. Now everyone is keen on watching reality shows like Survivor (darn, going to miss the finale tomorrow!) and The Amazing Race.

I checked my referrals and someone actually stumbled upon my website by typing “alex yoong sucks” in the Google searchbox. I can’t be sure if it’s actually one of you reading this now.. ;) but I thought it should be some kind of achievement for Alex to be at least in Formula One racing – although he has hardly performed well. Perhaps it was luck, his lack of experience, or being in the wrong team – but he doesn’t seem to be going far in Minardi. Look at Kimi Raikonnen or Jenson Button.. they have created waves in auto racing, and people have certainly got high expectations for them.

The soccer World Cup is fast approaching.. and I’m hardly caught up in the hype. In 1998, my classmates were always talking about it so I’ve always caught bits and pieces of information regarding the game here and there – anyhow, I seemed to be the only one who was rooting for the Netherlands, while everyone else was intent on going for England, France or Brazil. Part of the reason why I preferred the Netherlands was because I liked Arsenal, heh.. most of the Arsenal players were Dutch back then. The line-up, as expected, had changed. Frenchman Emmanuel Petit and Marc Overmars don’t play for Arsenal anymore, with the former signed to Chelsea.. :/ Well, hey, they won the English Premier League, so, woo! :)

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