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Sigh.. I've not been listening to...

Sigh.. I’ve not been listening to music since yesterday. Everytime I get the urge to do so, I’m reminded of the sad fact that my audio card is not functioning well enough for me to have a totally relaxing and enjoyable time listening to my mp3s. The feedback noises returned yesterday, and somehow muting the volume control didn’t quite help – and I was forced to shut down the computer. Bear in mind that the noise did came out from the headset, and nowhere else.. and I’m to not blame it on my cheap and newly bought headset because this problem has already been bugging me since last year. My parents actually asked if I wanted to get a radio for myself (I usually tune in to the local radio stations when I’m at home), but I declined the offer – no use in wasting good money in trying to guess when a favourite song comes on on the radio when you can have all the good songs you want in the computer – in mp3 format, of course.

As far as technology goes.. will there be one day whereby there won’t be anymore radios? Will we rely only on the Internet for our musical needs, to pay and download various mp3s legally, watch animated DJs or VJs introducing new songs and upcoming artistes?

On another note, it seems that it rained yesterday.. but there’s no use putting your hopes up high when you’re staying out here in the ‘desert’. I think there was only a small drizzle this morning, at about 2am or so.. which didn’t really help much to relieve us of the glaring heatwave we’ve been getting these few weeks. I had not been feeling good these few days, and I almost thought I had fever. It was hard to fall asleep in such hot conditions with various bugs (especially those blood sucking mosquitos!), eventhough the ceiling fan was switched to its maximum speed.

Had a Multimedia Authoring lecture today. The lecturer is kind of a wacky guy, judging from his clothes, and the silly jokes he makes.. which not everyone often laughs along with him. What had my attention was that he showed us a few design magazines today, and among them was an April 1999 issue of American Cinematographer, and who should graced the cover of the magazine was but a grim faced Neo holding up a machine gun – with the words The Matrix in bold! I gave out a fortunately soft gasp and plans started to form in my mind.. should I email the lecturer and ask if he would generously lend the magazine to me? Or should I just leave it be, and forever be curious as to whatever Matrixy content was in it?

Me: knocks on door (no answer) mutters knocks more loudly this time
Lecturer: (from his room) I said COME IN!
Me: Hi.. uh.. good afternoon.. I mean, morning.. uh, afternoon.. uhm.. I was wondering if you could lend me the American Cinematographer magazine you showed to the students yesterday during the lecture?
Lecturer: eyes me disdainfully After your attempt to knock down my door? I think not..
Me: mouth agape What?! You can’t do that to me! I need to read more about The Matrix!

I’ve no idea how to end this dialogue. I hope he’s a Matrix fan, that’s for sure..!

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