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I feel as if there’s so many things waiting to be done by me. Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look, I’m reminded of the bleak revelation that a few assignments due next week are still waiting to be done, long meetings to attend, errands to run. I thought I could be home by today and have a long weekend to myself – for there will be a public holiday on Monday – but there was a last minute announcement informing me of yet another meeting tomorrow – therefore, I’ll only get to be comfortably back at home Friday night.

I pretty much hate whining and groaning about life, but it seems that that’s what I do best. Which is sad, of course. Who knows, maybe I won’t be living in this world tomorrow anymore. It’s things like this that makes me wonder if have I been put on Earth for one specific purpose – and then what? Sometimes I feel so tired to be a part of this world. At times, I am truly blessed that I am here to witness God’s many creations. Now, I feel as if I have to tear out all my hair in frustration, or just kick on something hard randomly – and not feel the pain. I’m not sure if the feelings I have now will turn towards the negative, rendering me suicidal, with a dark look in life.

Oh well.

Anyhow, it was the university’s clubs and registration day, which started yesterday and wrapped up today. I had to hang out in the Student Publication Board’s yearbook division booth, all the while sitting there with a bored expression on the face, then pretending to have a totally interesting look plastered to my face when there are students stopping by at the booth, to make enquiries and take the recruitment forms. It seems that the male species would drop by, have a chat or two, then proceed to flirting – and raising complaints on the long questions we had printed on the recruitment form, which was supposed to seek dedicated and committed new members. The girls, however, would direct more decent enquiries – although a few gasped softly at the thought of having to pen a short essay as part of the recruitment requirements. Being there could also get quite competitive, for we were sharing the booth with the newsletter division. We are completely different divisions, albeit being united together as one under the name of the board, and our ways of recruitment were totally not similar to each other’s. It could get quite disheartening to see some interested applicants reaching to take one of the newsletter division’s recruitment forms, fill it up then hand it over in a blink.

It didn’t help much when you are forced to listen to teenyboppish and out of date tunes blaring away from the speakers of the DJ Club a few tables away, along with silly but sometimes funny commentaries – when you couldn’t listen to good music for the whole week because of a faulty sound card. At least I got to listen to two of my favourite Incubus songs Wish You Were Here and Nice to Know You – while I was manning the booth. I actually rocked and mouthed the lyrics to the songs softly – such a joy and relief from those overplayed songs ranging from Spears and her ex beau, to Nelly Furtado, then to the seemingly-everywhere Linkin Park.

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