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I had to think awhile.

I had to think awhile.

Being in this room makes me feel as if I am living in an oven. Definitely a room not to be shared by two other people. I often peek into the other rooms – some tend to have a habit of leaving the door open to make their rooms more airy – and I am always bothered by the fact that the other rooms seem considerably larger than ours, although there may be more clutter and whatnots lying all around the place. Someone must have made a miscalculation of some sort when they were planning the construction of the hostel blocks.

In any case, I think hostel life will soon be coming to an end. I have been fortunate enough to be given a room for all my four years in university, and while I find it difficult to call it my second home, it is the obvious convenience of living so close to the classrooms and lecture halls that more than makes up for it. For once, I do not need to worry about the prospects of getting accomodation for the next academic year, whereby the policies and selecting process seem to be getting stricter. Not unless I decide to continue doing my postgraduate studies here, but I highly doubt that that will be a sound option for me.

We may complain and grumble, giving various criticisms and finding every fault to pick on but at the end of the day, we would be asking ourselves this: Why are we still living here if we dislike it that much?

After all, we have had water shortages (we resorted to taking showers at the faculty buildings), ridiculous spot checks (whereby my multiplug was confiscated), sudden power cuts (uninterruptible power supply battery backup devices are a necessity), and hordes of vicious mosquitoes that rob you of a good night’s sleep. And blog entries dedicated to all that.

There are so many things I would want to do when April comes. Read. Write. Play. Learn. Ultimately, have a well-earned break. Pondering what to do next, and I am already counting the chickens before they hatch.

Hopefully, a new beginning is in sight.

“Have you started sending your resume to companies, to look for a job?”

I was asked that question twice during the past week, and I have to confess that it did not even cross my mind. Ironically, I was terribly worried when I sent out emails to more than twenty companies enquiring about internship placements last year, getting only less than ten replies.

So no, I am not prepared for what is to come my way.

Damn, I am highly in need of some Kings of Convenience and Wilco – which I had handily wiped out after I reformatted the computer.


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