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It's been a rather tiring week...

It’s been a rather tiring week – and I’m both physically and mentally affected by it. There has been quite a number of stuff I did this week, and I foresee many, many more to come. And I’m not sure if it’s the weather or what – but I felt feverish at times while in uni. Other times, I would feel totally lazy and would just do nothing but ponder the million negative and discouraging thoughts running in my mind. Another side note is that, well, climbing the stairs up to the fourth floor of my apartment unit (no, we have no blardy elevators) a few times a day is definitely not healthy. I believe the distance to classes has been multiplied by two. I’m already thin and underweight – there’s no reason for me to exercise more..! I would like to grow taller, of course.. I only stand a little less than 160cm. It seems that it’s not in my genes.

Of course, I know. I know there’s loads other people out there with more work than I do. But I guess it’s still ‘new’ to me and I’m trying hard – maybe too hard – to adapt to it. Or maybe I should admit to myself that I am one heck of a lazy person, who does nothing but whines all day long about trying to get as many things done as soon as possible.

I sadly remind myself that it has only been about four weeks since the new study session started. There’s still almost a year for me to endure all those troubles and extra work, a year to get through, before I will look back and reminisce on the things I’ve done. Will I be able to juggle between my activities and my studies? Already I’m hoping the holidays will come – and there’s only a one-week break next month. I doubt I will ever take off the word “Holidays!!!” from my “awaiting” list on the right.

Hm.. there’s hardly anything good on the television tonight. Perhaps I will resort to watching Enemy of the State on my computer. I’ve not watched The Matrix for quite a long time too. When I first bought the VCD to the movie – which was about in November 1999, I watched it almost everyday for two weeks straight, during my school holidays (yes, I’m that pathetic) – and eventually I got bored (or perhaps, even sick) of the movie for the very first time. But not without having memorised the script gulp.

Also, my hostess told me that she will be moving the domain to a new hosting company by the end of this month. Just so I thought I should inform you guys should this website cannot be accessed or anything.

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