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Yesterday, a local newspaper...

Yesterday, a local newspaper reported that a panther escaped from its compound in a zoo, sending a wave of fright to residents nearby. It seems that the panther managed to climb up the wall, judging from the scratch marks on the upper part of the wall. The parties involved are trying to locate and recapture the panther. Personally, I hope they wouldn’t do anything stupid and harmful to the innocent and obviously lost feline. If the panther mauls a kid or two (this has yet to happen), I’m sure they will kill the cat without mercy. I firmly believe that it’s us humans who bought all this upon ourselves. Why would the panther escape if it was feeling absolutely content with its ‘home’ in the compound? Why would the panther resort to eating a kid?

And heck, why was the panther, or all animals, for that matter, being paraded in a zoo, scrutinised by humans?

Would you like having yourself being looked at from head to toe, with grubby fingers pointing at you, hands occassionally holding crackers or biscuits teasingly, accompanied by flashes of blinding light from cameras, squeals of delighted children forever ringing in your ears?

On another note, this sounds quite amusing to me.. although I shouldn’t be feeling so. Still, quite a coincidence – if that’s what it really is. I wouldn’t know. I don’t have the dollar bill. And it wasn’t me who created that particular one.

Oh, those unexplained phenomenons.. deja vus included. Have you ever had a feeling whereby you were doing something, oblivious to your surroundings.. then suddenly you looked up with a jolt, and realised you seemed to have done it all before, sometime, somehow. In The Matrix, deja vus happen when a glitch occurs in the computer generated dreamworld. Well, I have not been led to believe that whatever happened in the movie will serve as proof or guidance to reality, to our world.

Of course, stuff like that is always interesting. Life’s mysteries, unsolved questions. Is there a scientific solution to coincidences and deja vus? I think not.

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