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The things people'd do these days.....

The things people’d do these days….. go here for full report:

SINGAPORE (AP): A scuba-diving couple got married in a shark-filled tank on Tuesday to protest the rising demand for the Chinese delicacy, shark fin soup, which environmentalists claim is decimating shark populations.

As you can see, I don’t have a love for sharks. I don’t eat shark’s fin soup frequently either. But it seems to be almost always on the menu whenever I go for big dinners (weddings, birthdays) at Chinese restaurants. A small bowl of some liquid with shredded crab meat and a few other thingamajigs can already burn such a big hole in your pocket. In fact, I don’t think I really have a likeness for anything from the sea. What’s so good about the shark’s fin? Okay, so it may be good for our health.. but whenever I think of it, I think of swallow’s nest. And the ironic thing is, people are willing to fork out the money, however dear they may be, to eat something which is made out of the bird’s saliva and a few twigs, leaves and goodness knows what other objects they acquired to produce their nest.

And humans can be so cruel to go to extremes to kill other living creatures – then to proudly display and make profit out of something that does NOT belong to them.

Moving on.. True, the lovely blue waters of the sea could prove to be such a refreshing change from the greenery and uh, brownery which pretty much dominated the dry, barren and dusty lands here around the university. Alright, so I had been fed with a lot of those beautiful sceneries and images from the television. I think the last time I looked at the crystal clear sea was during my trip to Sabah with a few relatives, which could have been easily a decade ago. We sat at one of those glass bottom boats, which enabled us to admire the colourful underwater life. As we got further from the mainland, the waters became more choppy and everyone (save for the boat driver, of course..!) started to have really odd nauseous looks on their faces, and it became unbearable to look at the wavy marine life below while attempting to hold on to the railing of the rocking boat.

Anyhow, if you’ve been thinking quite far ahead.. how would you say ‘I do’ to your significant other, the one who is right for you, the one who is going to spend his or her remaining lifetime with you? In front of a large enclosure with many swallows? Doing it among the prickly corals under the sea? Or just have it the traditional way of doing it in church?

Hmm.. indeed.

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