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Hm. Writing this post probably...

Hm. Writing this post probably wouldn’t mean a thing. I’ve not been writing much these days – partly because I couldn’t upload the entries due to a switch in servers by my hostess, and also because I’ve been pretty busy these few nights. I had been conducting interviews for applicants to the yearbook division of the university’s Student Publication Board along with a partner, and having to sit through three full hours, meeting different individuals, and asking them a variety of questions is no easy feat. But then again, it’s been quite a relatively new experience for me to be able to open up and listen, and to actually pose questions to the interviewee in order to get to know them better. The only personal satisfaction I can gain is that for once, I get to interview people, instead of having others interviewing me all the time. Most of the applicants did a good job – although I tend to raise an eyebrow when two of them had their handphones ringing during the interview.

This morning has been quite an unpleasant one. I ended up rebooting my computer for almost ten times within an hour – because of.. what else? Most of you should have known by now. glares at the sound card It’s been giving me loads of problems today – the volume control wouldn’t appear in the taskbar, and whenever a sound is supposed to be played (for example, the sound you get when you minimise a window, or when browsing programs on the Start button) my CPU seemed to emit some kind of noise – and an unpleasant one at that. Of course, I still get the normal problem of not being able to hear mp3s properly. I’ve been ranting about it for so long, everyone asks me to get a new sound card. What’s odd is that if I leave the songs to play for an hour or so, then proceeding to work on stuff using my computer, it seems to work pretty fine. Don’t tell me that my sound card needs to get a warm up?

I’m starting to feel really frustrated and restless. I don’t feel like doing anything at all, or is boredom starting to hit me? Now that I read my words again, I found out that this post, which I wanted to start with a bright note, is turning towards a shadowed alley, and I’m striding right down it into the dark. Negative emotions like this rarely plague me. I’m actually quite amazed to see the transformation in less than an hour. It seems like a black cloud has just build itself up on my head right out of the blue. Maybe I’m going to get sick soon. Perhaps someone had just thrown me a curse. Or could it be some sort of ill feelings leading towards an unwanted and uneasy prophecy? I want everything to be right again. And I can’t lift a finger to make it that way.

But I can’t help but feel tired. Of everything.

What is happening to me?

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