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Hm.. I am beginning to get tired...

Hm.. I am beginning to get tired of looking at this layout day after day. The next layout has been sitting in my PC for more than a month – but I’ve actually not the energy nor the desire to upload it yet. I discover that the urge for me to blog is fast fading, perhaps into nothingness. I realise that I seem to be ranting and edging towards a more personal level – until I begin to feel uneasy of what I will be posting on the website. I am actually beginning to dwell on private issues regarding myself, and I wonder if putting it up to public on the net is the right thing to do. Of course, I have been expecting this all along – but this website was initally started as an experimental playground for me to blog or write a journal.

It comes to another issue of trying to categorise my writings here. Is this a blog, or a journal? I’ve been to most ‘blog’ websites whereby the writers ramble about what they did on a particular day, from the time they woke up until they hit the sack – resembling a diary. Then there are also others writing on one particular topic – mostly regarding politics and issues that I do not care to try to comprehend. It was mostly the type of stuff that would leave me agape, after which I would proceed to scold myself for not being so attentive and vigilant of matters of that kind.

On another note, I am pleased to see that the number of people joining Malaysia’s first blog/journal net ring, BolehBlogs has actually increased, and we’re now nearing the 100 mark – and the net ring started only four months ago. I actually had to subtract quite a small number of local websites from the net ring because they did not uh, comply with the rules. But then again, I believe it was through the net ring that I got to know that a lot more Malaysian blogs and journal websites do exist out there in cyberspace – the trend is actually catching on and progressing very well.

Anyhow, as I was typing all these, I lost count of the many yawns I had. I get tired easily these days, and am beginning to wonder if am I truly in the pink of health. I struggle to keep my eyes open; my back hurts. Somehow, there’s just so many things to ponder and think about. And I still believe that I need a really good, long break. Which isn’t really encouraging, considering the next holidays will only be here by the end of this month. Besides, it lasts for only a week. Still, I convince myself that a short break is still as good as any other break.

I. Need. To. Get. Away.

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