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So we are already more than halfway there. Definitely not the best time for things to go down; for me to break down. I simply must get on with it, no matter what.

I am not exactly of the superstitious type, but I cannot help but feel that things have not been smoothly laid out for me since the new year started. The horoscope readings for the year did not quite spell out wonderful times ahead, but obstacles, obstacles, and more obstacles. I wonder where my good luck charm is. I am beginning to feel like I need one. Quite a number of things have gone wrong thus far, and it is beginning to get on my nerves somewhat.

And just to rub it in, I reformatted my computer not twice – but five times in this month alone. No, I am not proud of that fact that I can even do it now with my eyes blindfolded.

To make matters worse, I keep getting deja vus lately, which always freezes me to my seat and gives me a good reason to pause as I rack my brains and try to find out if it actually happened. Someone must have been messing around with an hourglass.

Yesterday, I paid a visit to one of the hypermarkets at a newly opened shopping mall, browsing through the aisles and generally minding my own business when there came a shout.

“Excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

I looked up just in time to side step out of the way of a kid who steamrolled me by with his pair of roller shoes, which is fast becoming a source of annoyance to many an adult lately. I never cared much for those shoes, but that encounter has made me want to give a good wallop on the head to any kid who adds those particular shoes to his shopping list.

I turned to my brother, who was wheeling a sleeping Ian in his pram: “You had better not get a pair of those for him later!”

On another note, I have seen the trailer to H2G2 and damn, I want to watch the movie now. Everything seemed pretty decent until I spotted Marvin. Adorable he may be, but I am slightly of the opinion that chubbiness and cynicism do not mix well together, but… never mind. I hope there will be some Vogon poetry. It would be a hoot to see and hear it all onscreen.

(There is also an exclusive bonus trailer available at UGO.com)

Well, at least I have got my music files back intact.

On air now: Stay Out of Trouble, Kings of Convenience

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