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No, there's nothing wrong with your eyes.

No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes. This is layout version 6 up, called Kinetics – simply because I added a GIF file which resembles some snowflakes floating uh, up (yes, I am deranged). I think it looks quite simple, and I suppose this one will not last for more than a month. I will be putting up the next layout during my one week break, which will be at the end of this month.

And there seems to be so many things I have not done yet. Assignments are piling up – and I need to get a picture of a waterfall. A good way is of course, to organise a small trip with a group of friends. I am currently thinking of roping in two of my housemates, since we seem to be group-less. Another issue that comes up is how to get there. It will be easy if we have a car – all problems solved. But then again, all three of us have absolutely no idea as to where Selangor waterfalls are located….. the ones that came up are namely Ulu Yam and Ulu Langat.. even Templars Park. I managed to stop by a waterfall during a trip up to Cameron Highlands early this year. I do not think that there will be anyone insane enough to drive me all the way there, which would take up about 2 hours – and then back again – just to snap a few pictures of the waterfall.

Well, I do not really fancy outdoor trips – that is why I am pretty clueless when it comes to stuff like this. I usually waved off all those camps organised during my high school days. I was never the active or sporty one – I have been always the indoor-ish type, preferring to curl up with a book or slay monsters and solving quests while playing computer games. The thought of going outdoors and being bitten by various bugs, with the occasional buzz of mosquitoes in your ears and stumbling over tree roots isn’t exactly that encouraging – that is how I perceive good ol’ nature. Of course, people would sneer and try to convince me that spending a day outdoors among the greens will not be that bad. I guess I am actually looking forward to spending a few hours in front of a waterfall, attempting to get the correct exposure, carrying my precious camera and tripod while treading carefully on the wet, slippery rocks, to the amusement of others who are there to have a really good time splashing in the water – with me hoping that the pictures will turn up good – after all, they are for an assignment! Already, I can envision the bouncing waters throwing little showers on me, and the sound of rushing waters is beginning to form music to my ears.. I wonder. Again, it could not be that bad.

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