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Spent most of the day trying to...

Spent most of the day trying to play around with my SLR camera for the assignment due in two weeks. Unfortunately, most of the photgraphs did not turn out the way I wanted them to be – still, it proved to be a good experience. My parents were looking at me in amazement while I was mumbling to myself all the time, trying and hoping to get the yellow light through the camera’s viewfinder which would indicate the correct exposure. Shot most of the pictures in the garden, attempting to catch pictures of moving cars and dripping water, in order to imply motion. And after it all, I realised that I did not know how to handle the camera well.. how sad.

For some odd reason and unknown forces, I went right out (actually, I needed to take the developed photographs) to get The Calling’s album, Camino Palmero. Something tells me that they might be releasing a repackaged edition or some other stuff of that sort soon enough, but I bought it anyway. The reason for it was not because I was smitten by frontman Alex Band – I saw the video to Adrienne last night and the song just kept playing again and again in my mind. A quick search for the mp3 was a failure. Hearing Wherever You Will Go for an umpteenth time is, sadly, already beginning to sound like the buzzing of an annoying bee to my ears.

But then again, I’ve bought Vertical Horizon and Coldplay albums through this way too, and they have since became my favourite bands. Usually I would feel better to wait and hear more songs released from a particular band before thinking of getting the album itself. I wonder..

On air now: Adrienne, The Calling (Camino Palmero)

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