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Cause I feel my self esteem is caving in..

cause I feel my self esteem is caving in.. it’s on the brink..

I felt exactly that way earlier on. I already have a low self esteem and little confidence towards the things I do and the way I perform. And it seems to be heading downwards more than ever….. I see that dark, bottomless pit….. many hands crawling out at me, trying to pull me in. While I try to avoid those hands, I get tired easily.. and I seem to slide toward it an inch or two, bit by bit. Eventually, it’ll get me.. it’ll get me alright.

And why is it I’ve been using the word tired a lot these days?

Anyhow.. I stumbled upon a rather startling revelation. What is it with me and coincidence? I seem to have almost every move related coincidentally to something else – the latest (yesterday, in fact), being the ‘unexplained’ force to get The Calling’s album, Camino Palmero.

Yesterday was the day I bought the album – the 8th of June. The band’s frontman was born on the same day, back in 1981.

Yes, it was Alex Band’s birthday yesterday. Everybody now, get your mouth to form a big O. inserts Twilight Zone theme, combined with the X-Files song playing in the background

Oh gawd. He’s a fellow Gemini too. Mmmm. I have a thing for people who are Geminis. What I usually like to associate with Geminis is well, somewhere out there, I believe, is my twin. Corny, yeah, but heck.. I have no idea as to what made me think that way. Fortunately, Band does not share the same birthdate as mine.. well heck, I don’t think I’d be out buying albums on my birthday anyway.

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