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Hm. My back problem seems to be getting worse.

Hm. My back problem seems to be getting worse. I feel more like Quasimodo each and every passing day. I need to make it a habit to thrust my chest out, push my shoulders to the back, and strut around like some arrogant bitch or something. Or else I can just sit straight on the chair with a painful expression – which, I believe, is not quite going to work. I can’t imagine how my posture would be like if I can live up to 50. Perhaps three kids (not my kids, mind you) would even be able to sit on my back, and they would kick me joyfully while yelling “Faster, faster, you old horse!”.


And to top things off, I thought my glasses were gone for good when one of the lens popped right out of its frame yesterday. Luckily, I managed to locate the missing screw and put it back on.. with some cellophane tape to go with it too. If you’ve no idea how bad my eyesight is.. well.. I’m shortsighted, and I can’t even read a book without my glasses on. My guess is I would practically knock hard into a wall (or a lecturer, I don’t know which one is safer) or step into some dirty ditch if I’m without my spectacles. So heck.. if you are studying in MMU and see some girl walking around aimlessly with some posture problem and thick tape on her glasses (thought of Harry Potter suddenly, but oh well), don’t go anywhere near her. Who knows, her glasses might break at that very moment, and you might find yourself sprawled on the floor with imaginary birds or stars on your head – since she had just bumped into you full force.

Been reading some amusing (and sick) thoughts from captionmachine.com. Particularly like the one on the World Cup and a bulldog and a cat being real close together.. and I mean really close. Oh, the looks on both of their furry faces.. priceless.. and the captions that go with it are just enough to make you grin from ear to ear.

Geez.. looks like a housemate and her friends are attempting to do a Mariah Carey in the living room. I’m now in my room, but from their girlish giggles, laughs and off-key voices while trying to sing to her songs.. am trying to push a really bad vision out of my mind. My sound card is not working again, and I have no choice but to try and tolerate those ballads and their singing. I’m getting goosebumps all over. Yeah yeah, I know I shouldn’t be criticising and throwing insensitive insults at them.. after all, I can’t sing. :/ No use being in the Choir Club during my high school days. On another note, I hope Miss Carey herself will be coming up with a good album soon. I believe she has the talent, the voice and the looks.. but it all went downhill since she joined EMI. Now that she has changed recording companies again, let’s hope for the best…..

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