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There was a brief drizzle during...

There was a brief drizzle during the evening, and both Sze and Syahnaz were hanging out in my apartment. My housemate, Yuyin, then offered to drive Sze to her club meeting and Syahnaz back to her place at the Cyberia apartments near the university, thus saving them from being drenched – there were no covered walkways to both places.

And so, we left the apartment to Yuyin’s car – a Kancil, which was parked not too far from our place. As I got into the car, memories of the driving lessons I took last year came flooding back to me. My tutor was a man late in his forties, I believe. I don’t think he has ever scolded me harshly over my poor driving skills – although he regularly complained that I drove too fast – which I can never really understand, since the other cars are queuing up behind me, with their indicators on, attempting to drive off to the faster lane. Everytime I looked at the speedometer, its needle was pointing between 60 to 70kph – is that really considered fast? Or maybe it was just because newbies weren’t suppose to be driving more than the speed limit of 60kph, I do not know. Oh, there were also the long hours spent trying to turn the steering wheel while practising the side parking – my hands would go all red and sore (lack of exercise, obviously), sweat trickling down my forehead – simply because I was doing it almost ten times (or more) in a day.

I guess it did not really go to waste – I passed my first and only driving test, and am now a proud owner of a P (probationary) driving licence – eventhough I have not actually got around to driving since I took the test back in February 2001. There was no car, and heck, my mother doesn’t seem to believe in my driving skills. ;) I nearly freaked out during the driving test – after a terribly long wait, the turn came for me to drive out on the roads – and then another officer came asking for me to do the three thingamajigs (stopping the car halfway up the hill/side parking/three point turn). I was looking at the two officers in absolute horror – two things at one time? Eventually I was given the consent to drive out to the roads first – and after a safe trip out and back, I had to run over to get another car for the three thingamajigs – and the bad thing about it was that I was the only one doing it (everyone else was done and over with it) – all the other officers had absolutely nothing else to look at, so they were, obviously, looking for some cheap entertainment by trying to see if I would pass this part of the test.

Heck, I would not be surprised if they were actually placing bets on whether I would walk away dejectedly if the car were to hit a pole during the side parking test.

It went smoothly. As I completed the three point turn (the final part of the three thingamajigs), turned off the car engine, I just felt.. euphoric. Ooh, getting my own driving licence.. eventhough I’ve not put it to good use yet, but what the heck..

Anyhow, coming back to the present – it was a pretty short trip (about ten minutes) on the road with my friends – and oh, what a fun one too. We were laughing like maniacs in the car, cracking silly jokes, and shouting contrasting directions to our obviously very confused (perhaps mildly exasperated) driver. I can’t imagine how it would turn out if we are to be out together on the road for an hour even.

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