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What are your pet peeves?

What are your pet peeves?

There are occasions whereby people come pleading to borrow something for me – then never taking the trouble to return it. I am usually the one who tries to drop innocent hints (“Have you seen my CD anywhere? Did I misplace it or is it still with you?”) in an effort to get back what I own. It happened a lot during my high school days. Perhaps it was because everyone else could not be bothered about anything as unimportant as my pair of trusty scissors lying untouched on the borrower’s desk, while he or she was busy discussing what to do on a Friday night. Heck, some of them would even run off with my stuff and I will only have it returned to me a few days later (courtesy of my weak memory or when the borrower decides to go to the front of the class to ask of the owner of the object borrowed). Then there were also a few cases where my pens would mysteriously turn up in another’s pencil case. Also, there were times when someone would borrow my glue – and when I asked for it, he or she would shrug and said that it was already lent to someone else – thus began an unnecessary search for my missing bottle of glue.

And when I finally found it, what was once a full bottle of glue was decreased to only a small quarter of the sticky liquid left. Now, that does not seem to be called ‘borrowing’. I was giving away my glue generously for free, to have it circulated through many grubby fingers, pressed on various sheets of paper. Oh, I do that all the time, yeah. The borrower gets to use my glue regularly simply because I was feeling sorry for him or her – and also, for the others who did not have the priority of owning their own bottle of glue, like I do. It makes me happy to see that I can provide such a service. tries desperately to switch off sarcasm mode

Oh well.

Perhaps it also shows that I’m one stingy person, because I did feel a bit reluctant in lending my stuff to others. Perhaps I get paranoid easily when I don’t see my stuff back within a period of 24 hours, because it normally means that the person has chucked it elsewhere. Perhaps I do not share their sentiments of taking things as they come (!!), because I believe in returning the things borrowed back to their respective owners as soon as possible.

Darn. I have a feeling I’m going to get sick soon. Not feeling very well at the moment.. must be the effects of the muffins I devoured yesterday and today, which were untouched since a shopping trip to Carrefour on Sunday. There is no refridgerator in our apartment for me to store food, at the moment. Should not have taken the risk, but food (and money!) are not meant to be wasted. With every breath I take, I get an uneasy feeling coming from the pit of my stomach, and now it seems like dizziness is going to set in me….. and it does NOT help one bit to hear the other apartment residents screaming and yelling like a bunch of insane lunatics for at least thirty seconds for at least three times in a period of thirty minutes whenever a team scored a goal in the World Cup. Why, I think I can even imagine them doing a manwave in their own rooms..

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