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Very. Tired.

very. tired.

Spent the whole day outdoors, taking pictures of waterfalls for an assignment due next Thursday. I went with a bunch of friends, rented a car, and drove all the way to a place near Templer’s Park. It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there after a slight delay in getting the rented car. It’s only a weekday, but there was quite a number of people there to splash in the waters, and also a few couples spending rather intimate times there. Sometimes I wonder how did they manage to find time to have a few hours frolicking in the cool, crystal-clear waters.. and they were always staring at us, as my friends and I had to adjust our cameras and carry our tripods all over the place while attempting to get a good view for our photographs. My friends agreed that before we enrolled in our design course, we would have seen other people carrying their cameras and accessories around as well – while they seem to be doing it in a rather professional and calm way, we, on the other hand, seemed to be fumbling with ours and asking each other questions with panicky voices (aiyohs and sei lors) as to how we were supposed to be handling our own cameras. We encountered friendly people while asking for directions to the park, we cursed at impatient and obnoxious drivers. We hiked up the steep stairways, treaded lightly on rocks, got water into our shoes, watched the big family of monkeys devouring durians and swinging from tree to tree.

Then there were also the occasional teasings and mockings from unknown members of the male species, which have always angered me. Throwing names such as ah moi and leng lui doesn’t appeal to me at all. The guys might look harmless, hanging around and puffing away – not quite a pretty sight, but heck.. don’t they have anything else better to do than to comment on every single girl that walks past them?

.. and I’m supposed to go for a second trip to another waterfall tomorrow…..

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