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I. hate. mosquitos.

I. hate. mosquitos.

Today I went for another round of taking pictures, this time at the kindergarten where I first began my preliminary studies – and also the place I had my Mandarin classes for six years (the memories are coming back..!!). My mother works there, so I could easily gain access in to snap a few pictures for my assignment. There were a lot of uh, beautiful and colourful flowers (but then again, aren’t they all?) and also.. a lot of blood suckers.

As soon as I stepped into the garden, at least five mosquitos attached themselves to both my legs. I was not well prepared, of course – I did not think of going there wearing a pair of jeans – after all, I was just to be there for less than an hour, taking a few pictures, right? I thought wrong, as usual. And they just kept on coming.. every three mosquitos that met with an untimely death with the loud slap of both my hands was replaced with at least another five of them. The mosquitos – and with the prominent white stripes on their bodies showing that they are of the Aedes type which brings dengue fever to its victims – was absolutely overjoyed to see an idiotic human who would not bother to cover up her legs, and kept attacking her, sticking fast and rendering the human with at least 20 red and itchy bites on both her arms and legs. No, the number is not grossly exaggerated. I did not bother to count – I was busy gritting my teeth and trying not to succumb to the urge of scratching them – but what the heck…..

Later, as I walked past my mother, she gave a loud exclamation of aiyoh! and proceeded to shake her head at the ugly sight. I could only heave a big sigh – thank goodness I was using a film for 12 pictures only – otherwise, I might have gone mad from slapping my own legs and grumbling swiftly, throwing a few curses every now and then (to the disgust. After all, I wondered how I would have look like, from afar. Heck, maybe someone was watching me with much amusement.

Watcher 1: Oh my, what’s that girl doing?
Watcher 2: Gee.. she’s beating herself.. on the legs even!
Watcher 1: And I thought she was doing a jig.. and singing to the rhythm..
Watcher 2: Nah.. her mouth is moving too fast to be singing.. perhaps she’s attempting to rap.. and doing it poorly at that too.
Both broke into laughs, snorting and watching the cheap entertainment of a girl dancing amidst the flowers, Bollywood style.

Anyhow.. thank goodness for the existence of Tiger Balm, which is a really effective cream (or paste?) for mosquito bites. The swollen parts have gone down a tad bit. Now, I’m just afraid I might contract dengue fever.

I have enough of these picture-taking assignments for the moment. Can’t wait to pass them all up, and then sit down and relax – after all, my one-week (only?!!) break starts next week.

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