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I apologise for not having writing...

I apologise for not having writing much these days. Too many things have happened this week, what with a full scale promotion going on in an effort to sell off our yearbooks, countless visits to the photo shops to get our photos developed (and my.. the money spent to buy rolls of film, plus the development of photos!), the photography assignment due this week (which cannot be taken lightly), and I find myself heading off to bed after 1am everyday. Yeah yeah, you might snicker and think that 1am’s still too early, but hey.. if I don’t get a good night’s sleep, I might walk around like a zombie with bags under my eyes the next day, frequently giving hippopotamus-like yawns and occassionally drifting off to sleep.

So now I sit in the uni’s computer lab on a not-so-comfortable chair, with a cool black (but at times, slow) Silicon Graphics workstation right in front of me, feeling absolutely bored down to my shoes (hm, what an expression) while waiting for the next class on Computer Modelling, which would start at 2pm. Most people would think I’m crazy to be already in the lab at 12pm, but heck.. the early bird gets the worm. Should I enter the lab at 1.30pm, I might just find myself sitting on the floor with a disappointed look plastered on my face – most of the computers would be already occupied then. My buddy Syahnaz (wink thank you, my dear :D) treated me to an early lunch, and it’s making me sleepy. But then again, who wouldn’t, when all you can do is to just stare blankly at the screen, with the occassional highlighted icon on the taskbar denoting a new message on Yahoo! Messenger.

Anyhow, am currently browsing through IMDB.com, watching out for new movies to be released here in Malaysia. Am thinking of going to the cinemas next week during my one-week break, provided if there’s anything good to watch out for.. although I don’t think I would bother taking a leisurely stroll amidst the carbon monoxide and rushing, impatient cars just to pay about six bucks to watch Scooby Doo.

The movies I would not mind spending money and time for might be The Bourne Identity and Sum of All Fears. The former received pretty good reviews – although the plot sounds a bit familiar (The Long Kiss Goodnight comes to mind). I was initially not interested in the movie because of Matt Damon, but heck.. I do not want to miss a good movie just because I do not like the actor (I have no idea why I hate Damon). The system is quite crazy, actually.. it seems that the actors and actresses are the ones which are always getting the credit when a movie does well in the cinemas – sometimes, praise will be given to its directors and producers too – but what about the many people involved in conducting the special effects, costume design, makeup, props, lightings, and others.. they too have chipped in their energy and creativity to make the cast look good – but all these people ever get is their name, which is only as big as an ant – rolling by on the screen quickly. I usually stayed on till the last, when the soundtrack listings comes in – just to attempt to scan and read the song titles and its respective performer.

Anyhow, was thinking of catching Sum of All Fears just to see how a young Jack Ryan could be.. before I get any further, I am no fan of Tom Clancy’s books – although his writings have been made into blockbusters such as The Hunt for Red October (that I have not watched too). However, Ben Affleck did not look too bad in the movie (I am only judging from the trailer and the specials they had on the television) and I guess he might just be able to pull it off as Jack Ryan, following the footsteps of Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin.

But hey, it’s no use talking about these potentially good movies when they are not shown here.. yet. So what am I going to do next week?

Oh, right.. to dabble around with my modelling assignment. Looks like it’s not really going to be a break after all…..

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