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Whoa. My heart was thumping...

Whoa. My heart was thumping heavily when the lecturer A was making his rounds, inspecting the photography assignment due today. It is a very strict process – if there’s a bit of stain, or if your work is not pasted or cut properly on the board, you might as well envision a big, black, evil cross on your artwork. This is only the second assignment we are submitting – and of course, there will be more to come – and more heart attacks. I was absolutely terrified, and waiting with gritted teeth and trembling hands. As he scrutinized my artwork, I was mentally prepared to accept whatever criticism he would give me.. but the only words that were uttered to me were “Go submit it”.


But it was not really over.. that was only the first procedure. I had to go through lecturer B’s careful inspection – and this was where I nearly freaked out. He pointed at the corner of a piece of paper that had stubbornly refused to be stuck on the board, and proceeded to show me a bit of the stains I had on my board. My face must have turned white, for then he looked up at me, and said “Cool down, cool down”. I quickly replied that I was indeed, afraid, and told him I will apply a little bit glue to the loose paper pronto.

A little while later, I showed him my artwork again, and although the black stains were still visible, he said that it was alright.. and not to do it again the next time.

Double phew.

I believe nearly half of the class failed to submit today during lecturer A’s strict inspection. Heck, he even asked us to shut up at one point while he was looking through some other person’s artwork. The class was as silent as a graveyard when he let fly one of his victim’s artwork, treated it as if it were some dirty boomerang which will never be returned to him. No one dared to breathe. Everyone was staring at him, mouth agape.

Like I said, this is only the second assignment, for goodness sake.. I can’t imagine how am I going to be like when the whole year is over. Oh gawd.

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