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A new layout up. This is Edition 7...

A new layout up. This is Edition 7, called Swirlworld – eventhough I don’t really know why. I kind of like the colours to this one – I have not dabble with the current combination of colours here. I hope you like it too. As usual, if there is any errors, problems and all – throw me a mail. :)

Am currently idling around at home, and I am disappointed at the fact that I am too lazy to lift a finger to work on my assignments. Heck, I love having holidays.. but then again, who wouldn’t? I have an uneasy feeling that I am heading towards everybody’s favourite word: procrastination.

Been listening to the radio today – my favourite station WowFM to be exact – and heard two new songs worth looking out for: Dave Matthews Band’s Where Are You Going, which is from their new album (already?! seems like yesterday I bought Everyday) called Busted Stuff. The other one is the latest single In My Place, from Coldplay’s second album.

I think I heard Where Are You Going sometime last week, but the deejays did not mention the name of the band and the song. However, I had my suspicions all along that it was from Dave Matthews and company – their songs have always have this easy, jazzy feel to it. Coldplay’s latest has an addictive rhythm to it – but I don’t really like Chris Martin singing like someone pining for his lost love. The thing about it is that, well, he’s not bad in singing with such sombreness. One can always relate to his sad and sorrowful voice. I first heard the song yesterday and didn’t think much about it – but after hearing it for the second time today, the song is somehow, my affection for the song is beginning to grow – as is always the issue with Coldplay songs. It usually takes more than one listen for me to like it. A few months back I heard Martin said that Coldplay would take a really long break if their upcoming album will not be as good as their debut’s.

By the way.. I would like to say a big thank you to Syahnaz (for my free lunch on Wednesday), Yuyin (for yesterday’s Strawberry Cornetto.. mm), Renee (she bought me enough films for my photography assignments), Wei Fen and Siew Ling (they uh, ‘serenaded’ me with the most frequently sung song in the world using another language), and also to Amyliana and Ernidila for your well wishes. Sure made my day yesterday, albeit the terrifying class I had to endure during the morning. :)

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