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Listened to some old songs...

Listened to some old songs on the radio – old as in back in the 80s’ songs, not during the era of the Beatles or the Monkees, though. It brought me back to the conversation (or confessions, but we shall not dwell into that.. yet) I had with Sze the other day, regarding the bands we used to listen to – say, four or five years ago. Looking back now, it is rather obvious that I had gone through a major change in terms of my music preferences.

Well.. would you wrinkle your nose and turn away at the first sight (or rather, hearing) of Britney Spears belting out her latest hits? I mean, it’s like you have the perception that whatever sounds she might turn up will be an absolute no-no to your precious eardrums. Or would you still give her a chance, and listen to the song first? Luckily (I guess!) for me, I have never liked any of her songs.. and the videos that go with it, either. However, I must say that although as much as I do not like ‘N Sync, there were one or two songs from the boyband that I used to like.. namely This I Promise You and Tearin’ Up My Heart.

me notices her readers cringing and giving a few shudders

Anyway.. the point I am currently trying to drive home is.. are you ashamed to listen to songs from certain artists that most people would tease and shy away from, as though it were some icky epidemic spreading across the universe (that’s putting it mildly – most of them already do)? Oh well, a few years ago, most people used to look at me with this odd look when I said I love Savage Garden, or when I replied that I listen to only Mandarin songs from Jeff Chang (which helped me with my Mandarin classes).

Maybe it is just because that my claim that I listen to only modern rock and alternative music is not valid. It is not only limited within the premises of rock – I also listen to dance and electronica (right, I kind of like New Order, Pet Shop Boys’ Home and Dry, The Chemical Brothers and gasp, Sophie Ellis Baxtor) – besides.. pop. I guess.

But heck.. in only a short period of five years, my musical preferences and horizons have expanded a lot (I remember back then, on IRC, there was this guy called BlinKy – asked him why did he chose the nickname, and he replied that his favourite band was Blink 182 – five years ago, I had not an inkling as to who Blink 182 was) – but still not as much as my brother’s, who listens to a wide variety of music, be it Mandarin (Alan Tam), Malay (Zainal Abidin) or English – ranging from The Corrs to Collective Soul – and even classical (this is due to the influence of his girl, who is a music teacher, but that’s besides the point). It was through him that I developed a love for music – those were the days when he introduced songs such as Meatloaf and Bryan Adams, to me. Oh, we used to stumble over the words when we tried to sing We Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joel.

As for me.. I memorized the lyrics to songs from New Kids on the Block. And went to join the crowd when Tommy Page stopped by the shopping centre near my house.

But you know.. music is so subjective – similar to art. It is also as fickle as today’s technology – one day, you’re using a Pentium 2 – the next, it has improved to a Pentium 4. The same goes for music – where did Debbie Gibson or Chumbawumba flew off to? Pop princesses and boy bands dominate the music scenes now – will there be an abundance of rock bands the next?

I know a few of you out there are avid music lovers. If you have got some thoughts, opinions, and uh, confessions.. do share it here – although I think this current post must have driven away some of you guys out there..

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