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Just finished downloading the trailer to the second Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I watched the first movie and was not really impressed by it – partly because I thought it did not really stay true to the book, and it turned into a funny film of some sort for the benefit of the children to have a few laughs off their hectic school schedule (okay okay, perhaps the movie is for kids). I have not read the second book (I read the other three, but skipped book 2) – so this time around, I might be able to walk into the cinema and keep my mind clear of all knowledge from the book, and not expect anything at all (but then again, movies tend to differ from books a lot – Lord of the Rings comes to mind).

Anyhow.. do you believe that J.K. Rowling had indeed plagiarise the work of Nancy Stouffer, who had came up with a book with its character called Larry Potter (also, for the use of the term ‘muggles’) back in the 1980s? Rather old story, but for the benefit of those who have not an idea on the issue.. here’s a link.

I watched the trailer and it looked pretty interesting.. except that I didn’t like the look of the house elf, Dobby. I guess Daniel Radcliffe and his counterparts, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, have got it all loaded in their pockets. I suppose they signed up for all seven Harry Potter movies? It made me think of a lifestyle changed due to being in a movie which will eventually be seen by millions around the world.. not like I am dreaming of strutting my stuff down Broadway or having myself immortalised in Hollywood’s Hall of Fame or some sort of stuff like that. But I would definitely not mind having to talk and wave a sword to a blank space beside me, shuffling the heavy armor I might have to wear for the particular scene – and a few months later, having viewers staring at the screen, where I would be talking to a huge black dragon in the movie. But hey.. these days, you don’t need to be in a movie to have yourself scrutinised and pointed at by people from other parts of the earth. Case in point – a Taiwan attorney involved in some sex scandal, then holding concerts for charity in neighbouring countries but eventually denied access to Malaysia because of the negative things she had done.

Well, when you realise that fantasy is not reality, movies provide an escapade and a closer look to the realm of creative imagination. Because it is a world of make-believe, I do not think that any two people out there will have the same perception of a humouristic bickering between a surly, grumpy dwarf and a mischievously light-footed kender – or a nail-biting duel between a nimble, righteous dark elf and an enraged, corrupted human warrior (ooh, the swordplay..!!) Thus, we are only watching the sceneries and characters made out of the director or writers’ mind. Perhaps it is a wrong move to make books into movies because it restricts our imagination. We might just walk out of the movies commenting “Hey, I didn’t know Aragorn would look thaaaaat good” or “Yargh, Drizzt was too slow”.

Speaking of which, I wish they would make a movie out of Drizzt Do’Urden, but heck.. a long wait – and that’s going to be another story altogether..

Going back to the point – Dobby in the book is not quite what I had imagine Dobby to be like, in the movie. (or should it go vice versa..?)

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