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Tomorrow is a Thursday. Soon...

Tomorrow is a Thursday. Soon, it’ll be Friday. Then, a Saturday. Sunday’s the day I head back to uni.


Funny how you waited impatiently for a well-earned break – and when it comes, you try to hold on to it desperately – but of course, time flies by quickly – then it’s time to be lost and drowned amidst the heavy pile of assignments and tests heading my way. Argh.

In this case.. I have not even finished my assignments, yet to start revising for the mid-term tests. stares at her Database Systems notes with a blank expression

Of course, everyone knows that the World Cup fever is also drawing to an end. I have been listening to the radio everyday, and the deejays never fail to remind its listeners on the event. It has been a game full of upsets and disappointments.. but I think the winner still stands clear (by the way, footie fans may ignore my rants – I admit I have absolutely no knowledge on soccer itself – or any other sports for that matter!).. the radio listeners have been calling in to talk to the deejays and guest speakers, and most of them turned to supporting South Korea (it being the only Asian team in the semi-finals – and perhaps they have no other team to root for after France’s early departure) – simply because it is an Asian country. Now what is going to happen, if one day, the Malaysian team makes it to the World Cup itself (ehm.. perhaps thirty years’ time)? Will people switch over to cheering for the local team and ditching the other obviously better teams, the ones they have supported all this while? Then there is also the notion that if you do not support the local team, you are deemed not patriotic, one who doesn’t give a damn about the future of the country’s sports. Might be that you could be sent to the gallows for chanting “Malaysian football sucks” while parading in distinct colours of yellow and green in the middle of the road.

Speaking of which.. somehow I think I quite like the new Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ song, By The Way. It must be due partly to the influence of the exciting video (gee, so are all their other videos), which is on heavy rotation on the music channels. Heck, I even dug up their 1999 Californication album for another listen..

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