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Right.. I have pondered so many times...

Right.. I have pondered so many times on whether to scrap the index page – since everyone else basically bounds into the main page (i.e. the page you are currently looking at, full of simple, decent ahem words to digest) straight away.. and the outcome? I still leave it as a splash page – heck, eventhough I am aware that it is a pretty useless page which serves as nothing other than to bring you to the main page.. but well, I’ve uploaded a new design there, so feel free to check it out. Also, did a bit of modifications to the guestbook section as well (not quite completed yet).

Been doing too much Photoshopping lately.. to the extent that I am actually putting my assignments aside for it. Gah. It’s one of those rare times when all I want to do is to experiment and play around with the various functions which I have yet to master. Wanted to use a few of the waterfall pictures I took for my Design Process assignment a few weeks back.. however, I am to always stare at the blank space where my scanner used to be – which was what ‘inspired’ me to post my previous entry (last week, I think?) on people not returning the things they borrowed. Heck, I don’t see why can’t they take an extra mile to ensure that other people’s property be promptly returned to the owner. Sometimes, you really have to bug the person and chase after them, just so if you want what you rightly own to find its way back to you. The scanner has been gone for almost two months, and I have been itching to scan a few pictures in just so I can work on them in Photoshop (I rarely use pictures in my designs – my style is to usually create something from scratch in Photoshop). Well, the scanner belongs to my brother also.. which is why he was being generous to lend it to a certain wacky someone (hmmph). What’s really odd is that, I believe the said person owns like, two nice (as in, stylish) different cars.. and it really baffles me as to why couldn’t he set aside some money to get a decent scanner for himself.

Watched Shanghai Noon and Meet The Parents.. oh, both movies were hilarious, and I found myself enjoying the ride. Either that or I am just some depressed (as always) sicko in need of a few laughs.. but well, they are comedies anyway – and if I am to stay somber throughout, there must also be something seriously wrong with me, no? Surfed around IMDB.com and found another coincidence (besides the obvious: which is, Owen Wilson was in both movies) – that the comedies will have their respective sequels coming our way in 2003: Shanghai Knights and Meet The Fockers.

More sequels. Men In Black. Stuart Little. Analyze That. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Matrix Reloaded. Matrix Revolutions. I must have said it here a thousand times. But nah.. like I care if you people out there will frown, fake a choking gasp and close your ears…..

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