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Oh boy.. how different our local...

Oh boy.. how different our local high schools are, from the ones in other countries.. particularly the States’. I watched another episode of Popular yesterday (yeah, so sue me..), which had them going on about potential partners and shaping up in time for a dance. Well.. I don’t suppose our schools encourage events like that. Heck, Malaysian students are often found slaving away, buried amidst a ton of books, doing complicated calculations for a variety of subjects, and stuffing their minds with various scientific terms. My school did not permit us to have those end-of-term parties.. perhaps, some unwanted accident discouraged it – i.e. playing with flour and water balloons – which must have hit the headmistress or her assistants squarely on their faces. So such a thing as ‘prom nights’ or ‘dance’ do not even exist. Also, there’s the matter of costumes.. which I need not divulge deep into. The school’s fashion police will be really busy.. and the ones in my high school were already pointing at bald heads – somehow they were prohibited. And if they did not know, teenagers are still growing up.. are they going to supply skirts to the girls whose tip of the skirt loomed ‘dangerously’ above their knees? Dirty shoes get a no-no too.

So in the end, perhaps, these will be the only solution:

1) Poor guy has to use a black marker to draw hair on his bald head.

2) Diligent girl has to pull her skirt a little bit lower to cover up her knees.

3) Use white chalk to furiously cover up the stains on white school shoes. (oh, I do it too)

While having a leisurely stroll at the night market earlier, there was a soft crash of something light dropping onto the ground – a cellphone. It was followed by the voices of an arguing couple, while they were still alighting from a taxi. Of course, being the inquisitive lot Malaysians are, most stopped to watch while the angry voices grew louder. I did not stay for ‘free entertainment’.. but I do not suppose it was one happy affair. Not too far away, was another young couple sticking so close to each other, looking deep into each others’ sparkling eyes with sweet smiles – it reminds me of a twosome in The Star’s comics, Zits (by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman). It is a wonder how two people can be united and separated because of this little thing called love.. but no one said it’s going to come easy, either.

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