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The eight relational operators...

The eight relational operators: Union, Intersect, Divide, Difference, Product, Project, Select, and Join. Superkeys uniquely identifies each entity. Candidate key is a minimal superkey. Primary key is a candidate key which uniquely identifies attributes in a row of a table… – a small part from my Database System notes.

I saw a horse and rider break out of the cover, downhill of me and to the south. The horse carried a rider, and two other people clung to it, one to its breast strap and once to the rider’s leg. Light glinted on a blade that rose and fell, and with a cry the man clutching at the rider’s leg fell away to wallow and shriek in the snow… – excerpt from The Farseer Trilogy, Book 2: Royal Assassin (Robin Hobb).

Of course, between those two choices, you can decide which one was more interesting.. and which one, had indeed, taken up almost half of my day, with me absorbing the words into my brain, which somehow opens up so wide when it comes to fantasy books.. and shrinks to the size of a peanut when I’m trying to cram notes and academic-related stuff.

And I am totally pissed off when cashiers say (with a hint of smugness) that they do not have change when you hand them a harmless fifty dollar note. I bought about twenty ringgit worth of stuff last night, and she could not even return a mere thirty bucks, forcing me to wait and stare at others paying up for the things they bought, for ten minutes or so. I was made to wait beside the counter with a fake, pleasant expression – like some beggar who just stumbled upon someone holding up a big red apple teasingly. Heck, were they doing business at all? It is not as if I just handed her a cool thousand ringgit note. We, as customers, are paying money for the things we buy. It is not like we fork out our money freely – so either you take it and return the change promptly, or you can stay away, and do not bother opening up a counter at all. Another thing which fumed me was the fact that she did not know how to count. All I needed was thirty bucks. She need not give me all three red notes of ten ringgit. The people paying up after us had given her a few five ringgit notes – so 5 + 5 = 10, my dear – add that to the two ten ringgit notes you have there, it will all come up to thirty. But no, she chose to wait until another person comes with a lone ten ringgit.

It’s one sad situation. And pretty irritating one at that too. Bah.

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