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Okie dokie.

Okie dokie.

I plopped into my seat just as the fiery Warner Bros logo came into view. I missed all the trailers, but I guess it is alright. Better than missing parts of the movie itself. I thought the screen looked somewhat distorted – am glad that the technicians noticed the error about ten minutes into the movie and rectified it. I noticed the absence of squealing kids and schoolchildren still in their uniforms parading their colourful blinking phones in the dark of the cinema, and heaved a sigh of relief. I would have stayed on until the end of the credits to see that little bit of extra but I did not feel like being shut inside an empty cinema hall, so.

My mind kept screaming of only one name throughout the entire movie. I doubt I can disregard his association with that character, ever.

Damn, I hope I am not turning into a Keanuholic. This is not suppose to happen. Not when I am currently also, uhm, somewhat smitten with another Hong Kong dude (I have liked him for quite some time). Did it feel good to voice those unnecessary information out in public? Well…

I think someone has just switched on the fangirl mode in me. That is when I think of them all day long, stop to look at every entertainment magazine or fan website, and read up on their biographies and works, besides counting down the days to their birthdays. Those were the days when you would wish they would magically drop by your house, or specially write a song or two – just for you.

All that happened a long, long time ago – eight years have since passed without any sort of intense obssession for, well, anyone. Now, the fire within me has been rekindled and… it is scaring me. I am fast approaching 22 and I am liking guys who are probably worshipped by – oh, just about thirty five thousand other girls all around the world – and the guys are not even aware that I exist.

Thankfully, I have never resorted to extremes – like jetting off to another country just to see them in action, pen daily love letters that would never be read, or just plain hang up a poster on the wall so that their faces would be the first thing I see when I wake up. It wears off, slowly but surely.

Neo, Neo, Neo. What would I be without you?

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