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Oh pfft.. after a week long break...

Oh pfft.. after a week long break, I find myself back in uni.. and with a supposedly ‘better’ computer (a Pentium II, with RAMs ‘upgraded’ to 192RAM from a mere 96RAM) – but lo and behold.. now the display adapter is not working. And there is that CMOS error (relating to the configuration of the date and time) I get when I start up the PC.

So yeah. I feel as if I am using one heck of an old wheezy computer, perhaps one which dates back to the 1980s.. whereby there are only 16 colours available, with a sad 640×480 resolution. I have hardly been back in uni for two hours and already I am thinking of heading back home. This problematic PC is not helping at all.. it has been driving me almost insane with all its.. imperfections – ranging from the so-called faulty sound card (I am beginning to suspect that it was caused by of all things, the network card) to a fickle CD-ROM drive. I am not able to go to all my favourite websites due to the discouraging and ugly colours I see (heck, there is only 16 colours, remember, so &#$*&@#$) I had opened up the casing and check if everything inside was intact – and it looked fine to me. For now, I can only hope that there will not be any heavy assignments to hand up by the end of this week – I can hardly see anything out from these unpleasant colours.

Perhaps I am a walking disaster to all computers.

Perhaps I should be revising for my mid-term tests.

Perhaps I should have brought along the book I currently read.

Perhaps I should agree with what everyone has been telling me to do: get a blardy new PC.

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