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Aaagh.. it seems that there...

Aaagh.. it seems that there are so many things to do, yet so little time. Not a wise move to wait until the weekends to work on my assignments, but I do not have any other options, since my computer loves playing games with me – and which, I almost always lose, of course. I do not really know what is the problem with it – perhaps one of the RAMS was incompatible with the motherboard or something – but I had taken it out today and examined them, but the display adapter just would not work. bangs head on wall

It is just so frustrating when the computer does not work – it has become something of a necessity in life for me. Nothing seems to go right – all the assignments I want to work on, the websites I want to surf to – are staring back at me with ugly colours, and many times enlarged – as if I had just put a big magnifying glass over the screen of my monitor – that is what a resolution of 640×480 and 16 colours can do for you.

Maybe I am more frustrated about the fact that I have become too technology-dependent. If I do not own a cellphone, would I have descend the long flight of steps down to the ground floor from the fifth floor of the apartment to make a call back home? I can’t remember the last time I last wrote a letter to a friend.. except for those countless contests I had joined but failed to win a prize. Pretty ironic that I won a consolation prize for a design contest which I had sent through email two months back, though.

Would love to do the crossword puzzle contest organised by The Star though.. but everytime I head back home to read the papers, the first page (where the crossword puzzle was supposed to be) had always been missing, thanks to my brother – who has been actively involved in the contest ever since it started a month ago.

But heck.. I can not wait for this week to end. It started out badly enough; and I do not want to make it worse.

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